123Movies – Best Features

If you ever talk to people who like to watch movies and shows online, you are going to hear some common complaints. One of the major complaints you get is that the advertisements they have on these sites are far too intrusive and full of viruses. However, with 123movies this issue is non-existent. Yes, they have ads, because they need to pay for the site they are running. But these are generally very infrequent ads and you will not have any single worry about a potential virus coming onto your computer through the ads that are displayed on the site.

Another major issue that we already hear about with these sites is that the movie takes too long to load. You have people who have a 100 Mbps connection and yet they still have a hard time getting the movie to load properly in simple 480p or 720p. When in reality they should have the movie loaded within minutes on such a connection. But with this site, those issues are gone. If you have the connection, you are going to get to see your chosen media without any problems at all. It is because of the great servers they have on this site.


And the third issue that is often talked about is how often these sites will ensure that all their links are working. But with this site, the issue does not exist. Even the new episodes of TV shows that come out will have working links within a few hours. And if any links are broken or any servers are down, they are going to get put back within a few moments. They have people who are working on these issues all the time, which means the site is always working in a wonderful way. And for movie and show lovers, it is the perfect site.